My Inspirations

So what got me into the blog game? Well, to be honest, it was The Combat Jack Show, hosted by Combat Jack. They’ve hosted loads of magazine editors, bloggers and other important hip-hop personalities who made it mostly by their writing ability and passion for writing, as well as their passion for the art, and if it’s one thing I have it’s passion for the art. I’m not yet sure if I have the passion to write, and I’m far from sure that I have the ability, but I’ll try, and hopefully get better as I go along. Also, I probably have zero readers at the moment so, I’m basically writing this as a way to get thing off my chest and practice writing.

Okay, back on topic now, Sam. Besides all the people who’ve been on The Combat Jack Show, I’m also inspired by Byron Crawford, from I haven’t really been checking his blog these last few years, but I remember a few years back when I read his blog religiously (Combat Jack actually used to write for, so that’s how I first got to know about CJ). Other writers that made me want to blog include Robbie from, a dude from Australia is running on of the best f*cking hip-hop blogs in the world so who says I can’t, HUH?! Nah, I’m just fuxing with you, I don’t really think I’ll ever get to’s level of dopeness, but I can always strive for that, right?

Truth be told, I just want to start working in the music industry. As an A&R, as a marketer, as a writer, as anything. I’m a smart guy, I go to one of the universities in Sweden (it’s in the top 100 or so in the world), but business just ain’t motivating me, it can’t move me, it doesn’t make me feel anything. Music does, it’s something I love, something I have a passion for. Success to me isn’t solely about money, it’s about doing the things I love and pushing myself to be the best I can be. Can I do that if I work at a bank? I don’t think so. So I’ll give this a push to begin with, and, as the Muslims say, Insha’Allah, God willing, my dreams will go through.

Peace & much love to ya’

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