The Combat Jack Show featuring Cormega

So, since I talked about TCJS in my last post, I’d just like to tell people; they’re on YouTube now! So let hilarity ensue! This particular episode featured Cormega (and mega producer Just Blaze, but he’s basically part of the team by now) and to be honest, I’ve always been sleeping on ‘Mega, but this interview made me really want to check out his body of work (pause), he seems like a really intelligent person. You know how a lot of media picture rappers as ignorant and, quite frankly, retarded? Yeah, that’s media twisting everything to their liking. Most rappers, producers & writers that’ve been interviewed on The Combat Jack Show have ALWAYS come off as almost extremely intelligent, who are very aware of why they succeeded and in which ways the failed, and that’s because they ARE aware, they ARE intelligent. So, really, this was supposed to be a small post where I just uploaded a video, basically, but it turned into a rant against media as a whole, haha. Well, that’s what I love about writing in this format, whatever you want to write, you can write, and you can post it on your own behalf.

Peace & Much Love To Ya’

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