Sir Michael Rocks – Great featuring Casey Veggies & Mac Miller

Another set of visuals of Mikey’s latest mixtape, Lap of Lux, which is pretty dope, by the way. This track is great, the production (I think it’s a Cardo beat, I’m pretty sure they mention it in the song) is nice and smooth. They all killed it. I’m actually starting to like Mac Miller. Like seriously, I used to call him Whack Miller cause he was that bad, but now he’s Mac Miller.

Him and Big Sean have really grown this year, and it’s funny because I used to fucx with them for a while, before I stopped just bobbing my heads to the mostly dope beats and started listening to their lyrics and then I just noticed how God damn awful the songs really were. Like, really, I only liked maybe one or two songs off of Big Sean’s album, but Detroit was cool. And I don’t even want to check out that Blue Slide Park joint, but the Macadelic tape, or at least the joints I’ve listened to (I haven’t really prioritized listening straight through Macadelic if I have to be honest), was  kinda decent too.

I really like their development and I hope it continues. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Big Sean is getting his buzz up after putting in a good amount of work and, most important of all, improving the quality of that work. Sure, that verse on Mercy is extremely overrated (I mean everybody chuckles to that assquake line, but c’mon, other than that one line the verse was throwaway), but he fuckxin bodied Clique and he was one of the most consistent rappers on Cruel Summer. Well, check the video for Sir Michael Rocks’ Great down below. Jet Life!

Peace & Love

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