The Quest To A Paycheck


Been a long day, but at least I got me some blogging done, right? Right. I want to talk about my financial situation. So I go to university, in Sweden. We get the equivalent of about $400/month here to study. It’s alright, I guess, school doesn’t take that much time, so you could get a job, and I still love with my parents so I don’t have any real bills to pay (I have to eat lunch at school kinda often though, so that’s about $100 a month). But there’s a problem. I’m not good with money. At all. I love to spend money. And at the same time, I want to invest money. But how the eff am I supposed to invest money when I feel like I barely manage to spend money? Let’s do some math, 10 months x 400 is $4000. That’s how much money I got from going to school this last year. I estimate that I used $1600-2000 of that money just on sneakers, mainly Jordan’s.

love sneakers. I visit, & on a daily basis. I love the feeling of using another pair every day, and putting on a pair of kicks that none of your friends have ever seen before and make them ask where I got ’em. I’m about to cop a pair of Raging Bull Jordan 5’s, or at least I hope I’ll get to cop ’em, cause they’re on Ebay for a pretty affordable $300.

My problem now is that my expenses are usually higher than my income is. Like, this month (October – November), I’m going to spend at least $500 on sneakers (the Bred 4’s are coming out in November). My problem isn’t that I can’t get a job (not saying it’s easy, but that’s not the main problem) but that I will never be able to maintain a job. I’m not built for a 9-5. That’s not me. I can’t just be a slave. If I’m not enjoying the job, I won’t work. My mom is nagging on a weekly basis that I should get a job, my friends are asking me why I ain’t getting a job too and even my little brother, who works as a telemarketer, is making fun of me. But I just can’t, it’s not me.

It’s not that I don’t have ambition either. I want to be rich! I want to be known around the world! And I think that’s actually what’s holding me back, my hopes, my dreams. I dream of retiring at 40 (actually, my dream is to retire at 30, but that’s waaay too unrealistic), with an island of my own, a beautiful wifey and four kids. On that island, I’ll be fucking my wife silly, while reading books and scouring the internet. I just want knowledge and happiness, that is all. I don’t really need any money. But for now, I need to get that loot so I can buy myself another pair of J’s. But for now I’ll just keep procrastinating and listening to Kendrick Lamar.

Peace & Love

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