Internets Celebrities

Ayo! See! I’m trying my best to blog! It’s not gonna be an analytical-spiritual (see how I flipped lyrical-spiritual?!) blog post, just a shout out and a hilarious video from los celebrities del internetos (Internets Celebrities)!

Let’s begin with the shout out. I wanna shout out Amanda Looma, in Stockholm, for giving me 9 views! Before today, I had 6 views in total! So she… more than doubled my view count! And all that by saying my blog was dope when I commented on her blog. So, check her blog out internets! It’s called and it’s in Swedish, but that’s cool, cause she’s pretty and you can at least look at the pictures. She fucks heavy with hip-hop and she’s got a nice sense of style. So check the blog out!

Her blog adress is, check it out!

So, to the hilarious video then. It’s Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam from Internets Celebrities visiting a Bronx bodega, trying to find a cheap three-course meal and it’s hilarious on soooo many levels. Like really, Dallas Penn is probably the funniest man on the internets. I think I have to do a blog on some of his one-liners one day. I might do it this weekend.

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