Dreams & Nightmares

Ah, Dreams & Nightmares, Meek Mill’s debut album. So I listened to it this morning. I didn’t really have time to digest it properly or analyze it but I thought it was pretty decent on my first listen. It’s what you’d expect from a Meek Mill, or even a Maybach Music Group, album. All that talk about a classic, a legendary album, yeah, that was bogus to begin with.

The production is solid, nothing really spectacular, but the beats do bang. Lyrically, there’s some storytelling, there’s some introperspective lyrics, you learn more about Meek Mill, or Robert Williams which is his real name, but it’s nothing new, it’s not anything you couldn’t hear somewhere else, really. Oh, also, Meek drops on of the worst lines of the year with: “I run shit, diarrhea”. Like… really? Did you think that was clever?

That’s basically my problem with the album; it doesn’t add anything new to the table. It’s like Meek tried to do a lite version of a Rick Ross album, and to be honest, the last Rick Ross album wasn’t even that good (Teflon Don was fire though). It’s not that I can’t appreciate this type of music, it’s that there’s too much of it. I wish there were more Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City albums, albums that add something new to the table, that try to be original, that doesn’t use the same type of production, or the same type of lyrical content. Be original. Stand out. That doesn’t mean you have to make a conceptual album, it just means that you have to have your own style, and that you have to change that style continually throughout your career. Look at Hov, look at Kanye, look at 2Pac, look at Biggie, look at Nas. If Meek continues like this, he’ll be forgotten and irrelevant in a couple of years. The Kendrick Lamar’s of this world will be remembered.

Overall, it’s a solid but slightly underwhelming project. Solid beats, decent lyrics. Nothing really new. A couple of the joints on this knock, but most of them are the kind that you keep on iTunes, but never put on your iPod. I’d give this a 6/10, being the generous person that I am.

The stand-out tracks to me were: the Dreams and Nightmares Intro, Maybach Curtains f. Nas, Rick Ross & John Legend, Traumatized, Tony Story pt. 2 and Burn f. Big Sean (which was also on Meek’s mixtape, Dreamchasers 2).

I’ll listen to it a couple more times some other time and we’ll see if that changed my mind, positively or negatively.

Peace & Love

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