Procrastination can rule a nation

What up?

So I wasn’t really planning to blog today or anything, actually I was going to study, but I need my calculator to do more than I’ve done and I swear I don’t want to go to my bag and get my calculator out of it. So I’m procrastinating blogging  instead! Yaaay!

So what is there to blog about…? Hmm. Well, Dallas Penn retweeted one of my tweets yesterday! Woho! It’s awsm when one of your heroes retweets you. So, that’s at least one good thing that happened this week.

Tomorrow I have my statistics test. I’m unprepared as fucx. I swear this whole course is so fucxing meaningless. Like, who the hell wants to study this really? It’s part of my business education so I have  do this course. Well, there’s always the re-test a month away. I’ll probably pass that one easily. It’s not that hard really, it’s just that you’ve got to get the routines going, you’ve got to know which formulas to use for the problems you’ve got to solve. Ah.

Yeah, so Big Sean is coming to Stockholm next week. I’ve got a ticket so I’m most def going. I don’t really fucx that much with his music, but he’s had a dope year and I haven’t been to a concert since like August or something. I actually got free tickets for both Shabazz Palaces and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, but I don’t know anyone who listens to ’em, so I passed. Wasn’t really excited to go to those shows by myself.

Oh, righttt! I forgot to say, I won my J’s! The Raging Bull 5’s, that is! They cost me like 2050 Swedish crowns, which is our currency. It’s about $300. Pretty decent deal I guess. I hope they’re in good condition. The soles were still icey on the pictures and they didn’t have any scuffings so I assume they’re gonna be almost deadstock.

Wow, so Roses (the Outkast joint, not the Nas song) came on on my iTunes playlist. I used to fucx heavy with that track. I actually HATED Hey Ya, but damm Roses and GhettoMusick went hard and still do. Matter of fact, OutKast haven’t really ever put out a bad song, except for Hey Ya. Aquemini and ATLiens are classics, two of the best albums ever made. Been trying to put people on to their older sh*t but to no avail. Big Boi is also one of the most underrated rappers out there. Probably because he was in the same group as André 3000 who’s one of the greatest to ever do it, but still.

On another note, I need to listen to Meek Mill’s Dreams & Nightmares and Sean Price’s Mic Tyson. Wow, Mandela P is soooo dope. Like people are still sleeping on him. I was just looking around the web and I stumbled upon a “best Brooklyn rappers” thread. 50 posts, and no Sean Price. Made myself an account just to blast them about it, haha. The D&N reviews have been kind of mixed and one of my friends listened to the album and said it was kind of weak. So far, I’ve only heard the Intro where Meek went HAM. Matter of fact, I’m gonna finish this blog post and listen to the album.

Peace & love to y’all!

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