Passed it!


So, I had my test today. It wasn’t that hard, it’s just that I forgot some of the shitty ass rules you’ve got to remember and that I didn’t really get all the questions. If I had studied more (well, not necessarily more; but with more devotion and concentration) I’d probably have gotten a pretty good grade. But I got an E. Well, I guess I passed the test and I don’t have to retake it (the test is 5 hours long, I used at least 4 hours for the test, so it’s long as fuck, plus I’d have to study again) but I’m still crazy disappointed. Like, this test wasn’t even hard. And if I had thought about some of the stuff a bit harder,  I would’ve gotten at least a D, maybe even a C. I told my friends before the test that I’d rather take an F than an E, and I stand by that, but apparently I can’t retake the test. A lot of my friends failed it, so I don’t know what to feel really. Should I be happy that I passed? Or pissed that I got a shitty grade?

I think I’ll go with pissed, but use it as motivation to get a better grade on the course. Hopefully. The next course is some kind of law-business course. Hopefully it’ll be useful interesting. Knowing my school, it’ll be useless and boring. Yay. Man, seriously, fucx my school. Lame people, lame teachers, lame courses. How the eff does the school I go to (Stockholm University) have such a good rep? Can someone tell me?

And how did I pick up so many followers on Twitter in one day? I got like 7-8 new followers. The Lowkey & Dallas Penn retweets probably helped, I guess. Oh, you can follow me at, in case you wanted to. Also, why isn’t anyone commenting? Like I see y’all checking out the blog, every day I get more hits on it, but no one is commenting? Give me some feedback, negative or positive, I don’t care. I wanna get better at this ish. Well, time get the fruck out.

Peace & Love

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