New Music 11/4-2012

Some throwback Ladies Love Cool James, a.k.a. LL Cool J, music, this time featuring legendary R&B singer Joe. This is some real, authentic LL sh*t. You heard that Ratchet joint yet? Yeaaah. That one wasn’t good. Actually, it kind of sucked. Now this new Take It joint though, this is fire. Take a listen below. 


I’m not really a big fan of Odd Future. I think they make basic music that appeals to 14-year old white boys (and I’m white, or well, I can more in depth with my race on another occasion). I think they only got popular because their frontman (Tyler The Creator) acts like a clown and made a dope video  for his song Yonkers (the song wasn’t even good, except for that diss on B.o.B. and Bruno Mars, that sh*t was hilarious) where he ate a cockroach. I remember watching it before it even had a million views and I was like, this sh*t is aight I guess, the video is kind of cool, but it wasn’t anything exceptional or anything. By next week, I see all kinds of random people uploading the video to Facebook and the video had like 5 million views. Okay, enough of this rant, I’m gonna do that in another post. To the song then.

It’s by Earl Sweatshirt, probably the most talented in Odd Future (after Frank Ocean that is). I can’t really say I’m a fan. His voice is boring, his flow is monotonous, he talks about raping women and killing people, not in every song, but in enough to make me never want to really listen to him again. I heard good things about his new joint, Chum, though. I haven’t really dissected it, but it was decent. The beat is kind of boring, his flow is boring, and his voice is just as dull as it always is, but it still comes out okay.

Peace & Love

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