The Election

Haha, so I blew my computer up. Or well, the screen wasn’t working properly so I opened the computer up, thinking there was something wrong with the graphics card, and started tinkering with it. After I tried booting it up again, it started beeping. So I decided it was finally time to let go. This computer was basically on a respirator, just fighting to survive, anyways, so yeah, it was time for it go. So I plucked out the HDD and hopefully I’ll have a new one in a couple of days, I’m on my shitty laptop for now though. I probably won’t blog very much until I get back my computer, because the stuff I had on it gave me creativity, it made me want to write. Just got retweeted by Terrace Martin by the way, haha. That was ill. If you don’t know about Terrace Martin, he produced Ab-Soul’s Outro on Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80 and Real on Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City.

Okay, now on to the main topic. The election. Well, it’s finally time tomorrow. Americans probably think you’re the only ones who care about the election but I promise you, you’re not. We care, a lot. A lot more than we really should, but we have to care, because the US affects our lives so much, and who has more power than the president of USA?

I’m hoping Obama wins. It’s important for the world that Obama wins. Romney will bring chaos to the world. He will probably go to war with Iran, he WILL crash the economy, be sure of that, and he’ll destabilize the world. Obama has done a pretty good job, his main fault is that he inherited coal and was supposed to turn it into a diamond; the problem is that it takes a long time for coal ore to become a diamond. Another problem Obama has had is that he’s been bad at talking up what he’s done. He hasn’t bragged about ending the Iraq war, he hasn’t bragged about probably rescuing the economy, he hasn’t bragged about rescuing the automobile industry, among other things. It’s only now, at the end, that he’s started talking about what he’s accomplished.

Romney is dangerous. I’m saying that because we have no idea how he is going to accomplish all of his promises. He hasn’t been clear in any way. He’s faking his way into the White House, just trying to say whatever he can to get more voters, no matter if it’s true or not. His talk about 47% of America being on welfare, his talk about removing Medicare, of illegalizing abortion, it all scares me. Why? Mostly because there are idiots out there who believe him. He’s splitting a country in two, a rich part and a poor part and people are buying into that. That scares me. Because this shows us how weak society is. I thought we’d grown past that in the Western world, I thought we’d grown past a stage where it’s “us and them”. Romney is trying to undo 50 years of development. Please, Americans, help the world by voting Obama on November 6.

Edit: So I found a nice little infographic to go with the blog post, courtesy of Complex. Check it out.

Vote Obama!

Peace & Love

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One Response to The Election

  1. Whatever the outcome tomorrow, I’ll be glad to have the elections OVER! Enough already. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

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