The Election Pt. 2 – Obama Won!

So my hopes were fulfilled. Obama won the presidential election 2012 and deservedly so, in my opinion. Maybe he hasn’t been the best president the United States have ever had, but he sure as hell is an upgrade to George W. Bush and he’s much better than Romney could ever be.

Well, I’m glad Obama won the election, I just hope the Congress aren’t going to get in his way like they’ve done for the last years. Hopefully, they’ll let him do what he thinks he needs to be done, for the US and for the world. 

So I started watching The Walking Dead two days ago. I finished watching episode six a couple hours ago. So far, I think the series has been great. It’s a bit slow at times and they make some insane decisions at times, but I mostly feel like it’s a realistic show with a nice story and good characters. I’ll see how it develops, unfortunately, the Swedish Netflix only the first six episodes so far, so I’ll either have to download the other episodes or wait til’ Netflix has the rest of ’em.

Peace & Love

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