Vintage Mixtape Review / Jay Rock – Black Friday

What’s up internets?!

Okay, so I finally got to listening to Jay Rock’s 2010 mixtape, Black Friday. Not gonna lie, until just a couple months ago, I held Jay Rock as the weakest link of Black Hippy (and if you didn’t already know, Black Hippy is a loose group that consists of Kendrick LamarAb-SoulSchoolboy Q and the aforementioned Jay Rock). I, unfairly, never gave Rock a real chance because I saw him as a typical westcoast gangster rapper, which is a type of rapper I don’t usually fux with. And it’s not like I’ve never listened to Jay Rock before either. Diary of a Broke N***a and Tolerate are some of my favorite songs that’ve been released in the last few years.

I don’t know, I probably just didn’t believe he could pull of creating a really good mixtape. Well, let’s just say I was terribly wrong. He did just that. Create a really, really dope mixtape. Black Friday is full of bangers, from the first track, No Joke, til the last (bonus) track, the Black Hippy featured Shadow of Death. The production is good, not perfect, but it’s good for a mixtape. Perhaps a bit unbalanced. If you listen to a Kendrick Lamar or even Ab-Soul project, there’s usually more of a balance in the production, not too much of the same, which sadly isn’t quite the case here, even though it’s not imbalanced either, like say Schoolboy Q’s Habits & Contradictions, where the beats were mostly similar to each other throughout the project.

Lyrically, Jay Rock does a good job of finding a balance with his gangster rap and at the same time telling hood stories that are uplifting. His flow is really, really good and his voice? Wow.

I don’t think any of the tracks are bad, which is good, because usually on mixtapes, I find at least a couple tracks that I don’t like. Songs like No JokeDiary of a Broke N***aMoney Makin’ Moves and Shadow of Death are specific standout tracks in my opinion. I believe Jay Rock has everything needed to blow up. He has the lyrics, he can craft songs, he has an amazing voice and his flow is very good. I don’t know if the Black Hippy crew really is the best one for him, mostly because Black Hippy fans aren’t usually the demographic Rock’s music appeals too, but he’s been getting his spit on on Say Wassup, he killed it on Money Trees, had the best verse on Ab-Soul’s Black Lip Bastard remix. If he continues like this, neither Black Hippy nor mainstream fans can ignore him any longer. Jay Rock – Black Friday

Peace & Love

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