Chasing Happiness, Sam’s Guide To Happiness – Part 2

So, I hoped the first part helped anyone. This is part 2.

Rule #2 is… (*drum roll*) search for things that you love.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people do things that they don’t really care for, or even hate and that they lack things they love to do.

Let’s take me as an example. I hate working, especially working with a nagging, annoying boss and even more when it’s a job that I don’t like in any way. I worked at a hotel a couple of months ago, with the worst boss in existence, who forbade me to do the one thing I did enjoy, speak to people. After that experience, I decided that I won’t work unless it’s something that I find genuinely interesting or pays me extremely well.

I love music, especially hip-hop, I love sneakers, I love playing video games, watching movies, learning all kinds of shit, reading interesting books, watching TV-shows, going to concerts, among other things. Basically, I’ve got a lot of shit I have an interest in and that I enjoy.

Now, let’s take a female classmate of mine. She doesn’t like her (vastly underpaid) job (to be fair, she didn’t say she didn’t like it, but I’m assuming she doesn’t like it lol), she doesn’t like the classes we’re taking and she, from what I’m getting out of her, doesn’t seem to be interested in anything, really. And it’s kind of sad, actually. How can you not have an interest in anything? No wonder people aren’t happy.

So, my tip for you is to find stuff that you love, stuff that you can invest your time in and immerse yourself in, that you can talk to other people about. Because if there isn’t anything or anyone you love out there, then what’s the point of living? Just going day-to-day doing nothing? Nah, pursue things you love, and it’ll make you much happier.

Peace & Love

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