The best Christmas ever!


So, I was celebrating Christmas today and yesterday. My parents are in Nantes, France, for the holidays so I celebrated at my cousins’ place. We ate traditional Swedish Christmas food yesterday, and today we ate Chaldean food at my uncle’s place. Of course, the Chaldean food was WAAAAAAAY better than the NASTY Swedish Christmas food (it’s the first time I’ve ever had a full Swedish Christmas dinner).

But this blog post ain’t about that, it’s about the best Christmas ever! 

The year was 1998. All year long, I’d been seeing these gaming magazines with Mario and Link (from the Zelda franchise) on the covers and I was fiending for those games. So, when Christmas Eve came around, guess what I found under the Christmas tree? A bigass box. I ripped away the wrapping paper and found what I had been wishing for: A Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64 alongside it. That was the best Christmas ever!

Peace & Love

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