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Chasing Happiness, Sam’s Guide To Happiness – Part 1

So I’m a pretty happy person. At least I’d like to think I am, maybe it’s just some faux happiness that I project onto myself, but it works for me. I have my ups and downs but I mostly feel … Continue reading

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So… an older chick just texted me and I didn’t really get what she was talking about first so I gave a generic answer and NOW I get it and she wants to… you know, she wants the D. I … Continue reading

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My race

Still haven’t gotten my computer. I’m trying to build myself a new one, but I’m picking out the parts and I’m not sure about which to go with. Trying to find someone to help me out and I know for … Continue reading

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The Election Pt. 2 – Obama Won!

So my hopes were fulfilled. Obama won the presidential election 2012 and deservedly so, in my opinion. Maybe he hasn’t been the best president the United States have ever had, but he sure as hell is an upgrade to George … Continue reading

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The Election

Haha, so I blew my computer up. Or well, the screen wasn’t working properly so I opened the computer up, thinking there was something wrong with the graphics card, and started tinkering with it. After I tried booting it up … Continue reading

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Just Some Classic Ish

  Man, I just love it when a classic comes on on my iPod or my iTunes. And I’m not talking about no early 90’s or late 80’s shit, I’m talking the 70’s stuff, the 60’s stuff. I’m talking Marvin … Continue reading

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Passed it!

Heya. So, I had my test today. It wasn’t that hard, it’s just that I forgot some of the shitty ass rules you’ve got to remember and that I didn’t really get all the questions. If I had studied more … Continue reading

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