My race

Still haven’t gotten my computer. I’m trying to build myself a new one, but I’m picking out the parts and I’m not sure about which to go with. Trying to find someone to help me out and I know for a fact that my little brother’s friend can help me out, but my brother refuses to give me his Skype ID or his phone number. Hopefully I’ll have it up in a couple of weeks, but we’ll see. I might just cop me a Mac and be happy with that. I actually think that might be the best choice, but like I said, we’ll see.

So I’m gonna tell you a bit about my race today. I’m actually born in Iraq. My parents are born in Iraq (as far as I know anyways). When I was six months old, my mother and me came to Sweden and my father followed soon after. There had been a war and the country wasn’t in a good position, Christians in Iraq had a tough time (we’re not Arabs, we’re Chaldean or Assyrian, basically Christian Iraqis, in our case, we’re Catholics) so my parents decided to flee the country. So, basically I don’t really have a country where I can say I’m from. Sure, I was born in Iraq, but I’m not really an Iraqi. Sure, I’ve lived in Sweden for 20 years now, but I’m far from Swedish. I barely speak Chaldean or Arabic, but I speak fluent Swedish and my English is good. If someone with foreign ancestry asks me where I’m from, I say I’m Chaldean. If a native Swede asks me where I’m from, I say I’m from Iraq. So I don’t know, it’s hard for me to really identify myselfs with anything. That might be the reason why I’m usually open-minded to people as long as they’re nice, that might be the reason I’m open to other cultures, open to understanding and learning about other cultures. I’d like to think that anyways. So, today you’ve learned a bit about me. If you have anything to say about yourselves, you’re more than welcome.

Peace & Love

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The Election Pt. 2 – Obama Won!

So my hopes were fulfilled. Obama won the presidential election 2012 and deservedly so, in my opinion. Maybe he hasn’t been the best president the United States have ever had, but he sure as hell is an upgrade to George W. Bush and he’s much better than Romney could ever be.

Well, I’m glad Obama won the election, I just hope the Congress aren’t going to get in his way like they’ve done for the last years. Hopefully, they’ll let him do what he thinks he needs to be done, for the US and for the world. 

So I started watching The Walking Dead two days ago. I finished watching episode six a couple hours ago. So far, I think the series has been great. It’s a bit slow at times and they make some insane decisions at times, but I mostly feel like it’s a realistic show with a nice story and good characters. I’ll see how it develops, unfortunately, the Swedish Netflix only the first six episodes so far, so I’ll either have to download the other episodes or wait til’ Netflix has the rest of ’em.

Peace & Love

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The Election

Haha, so I blew my computer up. Or well, the screen wasn’t working properly so I opened the computer up, thinking there was something wrong with the graphics card, and started tinkering with it. After I tried booting it up again, it started beeping. So I decided it was finally time to let go. This computer was basically on a respirator, just fighting to survive, anyways, so yeah, it was time for it go. So I plucked out the HDD and hopefully I’ll have a new one in a couple of days, I’m on my shitty laptop for now though. I probably won’t blog very much until I get back my computer, because the stuff I had on it gave me creativity, it made me want to write. Just got retweeted by Terrace Martin by the way, haha. That was ill. If you don’t know about Terrace Martin, he produced Ab-Soul’s Outro on Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80 and Real on Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City.

Okay, now on to the main topic. The election. Well, it’s finally time tomorrow. Americans probably think you’re the only ones who care about the election but I promise you, you’re not. We care, a lot. A lot more than we really should, but we have to care, because the US affects our lives so much, and who has more power than the president of USA?

I’m hoping Obama wins. It’s important for the world that Obama wins. Romney will bring chaos to the world. He will probably go to war with Iran, he WILL crash the economy, be sure of that, and he’ll destabilize the world. Obama has done a pretty good job, his main fault is that he inherited coal and was supposed to turn it into a diamond; the problem is that it takes a long time for coal ore to become a diamond. Another problem Obama has had is that he’s been bad at talking up what he’s done. He hasn’t bragged about ending the Iraq war, he hasn’t bragged about probably rescuing the economy, he hasn’t bragged about rescuing the automobile industry, among other things. It’s only now, at the end, that he’s started talking about what he’s accomplished.

Romney is dangerous. I’m saying that because we have no idea how he is going to accomplish all of his promises. He hasn’t been clear in any way. He’s faking his way into the White House, just trying to say whatever he can to get more voters, no matter if it’s true or not. His talk about 47% of America being on welfare, his talk about removing Medicare, of illegalizing abortion, it all scares me. Why? Mostly because there are idiots out there who believe him. He’s splitting a country in two, a rich part and a poor part and people are buying into that. That scares me. Because this shows us how weak society is. I thought we’d grown past that in the Western world, I thought we’d grown past a stage where it’s “us and them”. Romney is trying to undo 50 years of development. Please, Americans, help the world by voting Obama on November 6.

Edit: So I found a nice little infographic to go with the blog post, courtesy of Complex. Check it out.

Vote Obama!

Peace & Love

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New Music 11/4-2012

Some throwback Ladies Love Cool James, a.k.a. LL Cool J, music, this time featuring legendary R&B singer Joe. This is some real, authentic LL sh*t. You heard that Ratchet joint yet? Yeaaah. That one wasn’t good. Actually, it kind of sucked. Now this new Take It joint though, this is fire. Take a listen below. 


I’m not really a big fan of Odd Future. I think they make basic music that appeals to 14-year old white boys (and I’m white, or well, I can more in depth with my race on another occasion). I think they only got popular because their frontman (Tyler The Creator) acts like a clown and made a dope video  for his song Yonkers (the song wasn’t even good, except for that diss on B.o.B. and Bruno Mars, that sh*t was hilarious) where he ate a cockroach. I remember watching it before it even had a million views and I was like, this sh*t is aight I guess, the video is kind of cool, but it wasn’t anything exceptional or anything. By next week, I see all kinds of random people uploading the video to Facebook and the video had like 5 million views. Okay, enough of this rant, I’m gonna do that in another post. To the song then.

It’s by Earl Sweatshirt, probably the most talented in Odd Future (after Frank Ocean that is). I can’t really say I’m a fan. His voice is boring, his flow is monotonous, he talks about raping women and killing people, not in every song, but in enough to make me never want to really listen to him again. I heard good things about his new joint, Chum, though. I haven’t really dissected it, but it was decent. The beat is kind of boring, his flow is boring, and his voice is just as dull as it always is, but it still comes out okay.

Peace & Love

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Just Some Classic Ish

One of the greatest albums of all time


Man, I just love it when a classic comes on on my iPod or my iTunes. And I’m not talking about no early 90’s or late 80’s shit, I’m talking the 70’s stuff, the 60’s stuff. I’m talking Marvin Gaye, The Isley Brothers, Miles Davis. Those type of cats. Man, the fucxing soul in their work is palpable. Like, the shit could be horrible musically, but it’d still sound decent just because of how much soul and heart there is in that music. And thankfully, the music isn’t horrible, as a matter of fact, it’s genius.

Above is The Isley Brothers’ 1977 CLASSIC, Footsteps In The Dark. Oh shit, it’s so good. So good. So smooth, so dope. And not to mention that it was sampled for one of the greatest hip-hop songs of all time; It Was A Good Day by Ice Cube.

Another classic jam is Marvin Gaye’s Heard It Through The Grapevine.

And finally, Miles Davis’ classic from one of the greatest albums of all time Blue In Green. This one is one of my favorite songs when I just want to zone out, when I want to just think about something else. Like, I’m a happy guy, in fact, that’s one of my strongest qualities, always staying upbeat and happy even when everything around me comes crashing down. I don’t believe in not being happy. Life is about gaining happiness. That’s the way I try to live. But even I have my dark moments where I just need to chill the fruck out and this is one of the songs that I use to help me zone out during those moments.

Oh, and that first YouTube comment for the Blue In Green video? Classic.

Peace & Love



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Some new Kendrick Lamar, Casey Veggies, Ice Cube & King Chip/Boldy James


So, Kendrick dropped this a couple of days ago, I forgot to post it. It’s another dope song from the Compton rapper, this time produced by J. Cole & Canei Finch, who I’ve never heard of before, will check his stuff out.

Seriously, how many weak bars has Kendrick dropped in the last few years? I mean of course there are corny lines here and there, but how often has he done a verse and you’d say, shit, that was weak? Raaarely.

I liked how he went at Shyne (Shyne called Kendrick talented but said GKMC was trash in the same sentence, and that the beats were horrible, so Kendrick said this in the song: “I pray to God this beat is good enough for Shyne, if not J. Cole, your shit is traaash, but at least my opinion made everyone laugh”) , because he’s right, Shyne was wilding. Shyne reacted through this tweet:

I don’t know about y’all, but to me, that seemed like Shyne being emotional, not Kendrick.



Casey Veggies is a rapper I fucx heavy with.  Kid is just 19 years old (born in 93). I’m not completely sure, but I think he was part of Odd Future (I don’t fucx with Odd Future, except for Frank Ocean, he’s crazy talented) before focusing on his own career. He’ still friends with Odd Future and actually had them on his last mixtape, Customized Greatly Vol. 3 (I thought that song was the worst on the whole mixtape haha, but mostly because of the beat, not because of Odd Future).  I’ve known about him since I heard Customized Greatly Vol. 1 a year or two ago which had some really dope cuts (one with Ace Tyler The Creator called Why Don’t We Fall In Love, and the stand-out track for me which Change Of Voice). A really solid mixtape, overall. The crazy part is that he was 14 when he made that mixtape. Yes, you read that right. Actually, until I looked it up right now, I thought he was at least 17 when he made it because his voice was well-developed and his lyrics are deeper than what most 14-year olds could ever think of. 

Okay, onto this new track though. It’s produced by Cardiak, and it’s smooth as fucx. Check it out. Not the best I’ve heard from Casey, but dope nonetheless.



So, we’ve got some new Ice Cube visuals, and man, this joint is banging. This is some real shit , and the video is dope too. This is what Ice Cube is really about and I hope we get more of this from Cube. Not saying that his stuff was weak, it really wasn’t, but Ice Cube is regarded as one of the greatest MC’s of all time, so in comparison to that, his new material does come off as weak.



A joint featuring King Chip (formerly Chip Tha Ripper), Boldy James, Two9, Peechie Green & Go Dreamer. It was alright I suppose. Nothing special. But I like Chip a lot and Boldy has some dope stuff so I thought I’d post it.

That’s all!

Peace & Love

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Passed it!


So, I had my test today. It wasn’t that hard, it’s just that I forgot some of the shitty ass rules you’ve got to remember and that I didn’t really get all the questions. If I had studied more (well, not necessarily more; but with more devotion and concentration) I’d probably have gotten a pretty good grade. But I got an E. Well, I guess I passed the test and I don’t have to retake it (the test is 5 hours long, I used at least 4 hours for the test, so it’s long as fuck, plus I’d have to study again) but I’m still crazy disappointed. Like, this test wasn’t even hard. And if I had thought about some of the stuff a bit harder,  I would’ve gotten at least a D, maybe even a C. I told my friends before the test that I’d rather take an F than an E, and I stand by that, but apparently I can’t retake the test. A lot of my friends failed it, so I don’t know what to feel really. Should I be happy that I passed? Or pissed that I got a shitty grade?

I think I’ll go with pissed, but use it as motivation to get a better grade on the course. Hopefully. The next course is some kind of law-business course. Hopefully it’ll be useful interesting. Knowing my school, it’ll be useless and boring. Yay. Man, seriously, fucx my school. Lame people, lame teachers, lame courses. How the eff does the school I go to (Stockholm University) have such a good rep? Can someone tell me?

And how did I pick up so many followers on Twitter in one day? I got like 7-8 new followers. The Lowkey & Dallas Penn retweets probably helped, I guess. Oh, you can follow me at, in case you wanted to. Also, why isn’t anyone commenting? Like I see y’all checking out the blog, every day I get more hits on it, but no one is commenting? Give me some feedback, negative or positive, I don’t care. I wanna get better at this ish. Well, time get the fruck out.

Peace & Love

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